LA Times: Is Trump Mentally Fit to be President? Let’s Consult the Army field Manual

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And here are readers’ responses, letters published in the LA Times:  “Is Trump mentally fit to be President?  It’s time for some extreme vetting.”  One of the Times readers applied the tool to Hillary Clinton, faulting her on three of the five criteria:  trust, empathy and self-awareness.  I was glad to see the bipartisan utility of the tool because I wanted to create something that could be used to evaluate any leader.

My piece was deliberately neutral.  I  created a tool for evaluating the fitness of anyone, including Donald Trump, to serve in a position with the highest responsibility.  I purposefully did not give my own ratings, leaving it to politicians and ordinary citizens to do so themselves. I also was lucky to discover the Army Field Manual on Leader Development, which is a brilliant document founded on sound well researched psychological principles.  I based my tool on my own knowledge as a psychiatrist and the detailed guidelines for establishing leader capacity and ability in the Army Manual.

Several online news outlets picked up the piece and gave their own assessments of Donald Trump. published a piece entitled A Psychiatrist Uses the Army’s Field Manual to Show How Trump is Mentally Unfit to be President: His Twitter feed alone may tell us all we need to know.  To be precise I didn’t show how Trump was unfit; I left it to my readers to decide.  You can read the Alternet piece here.


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