Pivotal Career Decision Points

There comes a point in some people's lives, often around 40 or 45, where they start asking “Is this what I want to do with the rest of my life?” There’s another critical moment for some, more apt to occur in your early 60’s, when the question is “What do I do now?” You’ve met your goals, you’ve done everything you thought you wanted to do, you’ve mentored another generation. But you still have 10 or 15 productive years ahead.

Perhaps you’ve already made a decision to retire. Some people are suddenly bombarded with too many options, many of which meet other peoples needs. “We really need a consultant with your skills”, or “Would you serve as chair of this board? or “We need you to run for President of this association.” Others feel more like they’re facing a void. They know it’s time for a shift. A new generation is in the wings, ready to take over. Continuing might mean simply doing more of the same with no new challenges. But they can’t think of what to do next, and decision paralysis is not uncommon.

I offer individualized consulting services to help you sort out your options, identify fears and needs, learn to say no to opportunities that meet others’ needs but not your own, discover long-buried desires, and aid in the mobilization of new forms of creativity. The result is a clear path to the next phase of your life that meets your material needs but also your creative, intellectual and spiritual ones.

The psychoanalytic underpinning of my approach aids in uncovering and understanding the motives, emotions, ambitions and wishes that lie beneath the surface of your thoughts and perceptions. Everyone has a complex psychology. Therapy can play a role if you're suffering from depression or an anxiety or substance use disorder. But you shouldn’t have to go into therapy or analysis if what you need is a sophisticated and experienced advisor to help you make a vital life decision or see you through an important transition. I bring to my client relationships knowledge from long experience as a psychoanalyst and leader, employing a unique consulting model that provides advice and counsel when and where you need it.

This advisory service is offered on a monthly retainer basis which provides 2-5 meetings a month plus access by phone and email. Generally, these engagements last one to four months. Geography is not a limitation, as FaceTime works extremely well for this kind of work, and Skype is another option as well as videoconferencing you may have available through your firm. For more information or to set up a time to discuss whether this service would work for you, please email me at prudy@invantageadvising.com or call me at 312-883-7949.