Emotional Finance--Improving Professional Investor Performance

Investment management professionals and portfolio managers are accustomed to living with enormous stress, tolerating disappointment, maintaining confidence and often a high degree of isolation. They’re surrounded by intense competition, tremendous pressure to perform and a culture which is not receptive to hearing about doubt or uncertainty. The work often provides an intense high that can be an asset to continued superb performance and/or a liability that conceals depletion of resources.

I offer performance advising that provides a sounding board available whenever you need one. The value of an outside observer can be precious when the market looks crazy and your colleagues are equally stressed.

One of my skills is an ability to see essential elements and patterns quickly. I find that this cognitive trait is one that successful investors share, and that makes our collaboration mutually enjoyable.

My ongoing advising service for investors also provides assistance with strategizing career decisions and interactions with others in the organization, be they peers, subordinates or managers. The approach I use, involving increasing self-awareness of emotions, individual quirks, biases, and talents, leads to greater clarity and confidence in investment decisions and more tolerance for setbacks. My psychoanalytic background allows me to add the unique element of understanding unconscious elements that are operating as you pursue your investment goals.

Since the stress level is so high for a top level investor, I also keep an eye on my clients’ health and well-being, making sure they are eating, sleeping and playing in sufficient amounts to maintain continued optimal performance.

Personal advising for investors is offered on a monthly retainer basis which provides 2-5 meetings a month plus access by phone and email. Geography is not a limitation, as FaceTime works extremely well for this kind of work; Skype is another option as well as video conferencing you may have available through your firm. For more information or to set up a time to discuss whether how service might benefit you, please email me at prudy@invantageadvising.com or call me at 312-883-7949.