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Invantage: The Psychology of Business

Invantage advising is a unique consulting firm that helps top leaders in business sharpen their understanding of the psychological and irrational emotional forces that underlie business relationships, decisions and major transitions, helping them make the best choices for themselves and their enterprises. This in-depth individualized perspective, drawing on the wisdom of neuroscience, psychiatry, and psychoanalysis, prevents stalled strategies and repetitive costly mistakes in a way no other model can. Everyone can use a trusted advisor who understands the psychology of individuals and groups and how this affects both every day and critical business decisions.

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  • Goldwater Rule: POTUS Crazy? Who can Say?

    Goldwater Rule: POTUS Crazy? Who can Say?

    Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr. Prudence Gourguechon shares with “Talk Like a Girl” the limitations of the Goldwater Rule and why after decades of being a proponent of the rule, she is no longer an unqualified supporter. “The Relationtrip” actress, Georgia Mischak also joins us in the studio and explains why she will watch Trump’s entireREAD MORE» Read More »
  • The Last Word on MSNBC

    The Last Word on MSNBC

    Dr. Gourguechon was interviewed about her LA Times Op-Ed on a model for evaluating the ability to carry out the duties of the presidency. “Is Trump mentally fit to be President? Let’s consult the Army’s field manual on leadership.» Read More »
FORBES Leadership Articles

Dr. Gourguechon writes twice a month for Forbes online on the psychology underlying critical business decisions, transitions, strategy and business relationships. Her goal is to provide readers with uncommon insights to help them be better leaders and find great people to work with. Please check out the entire blog on the Forbes website and follow her.

Recent Press
  • The Mystery of Mary Trump

    Politico’s Michael Kruse quoted Dr. Gourguechon in his sensitive and compelling article The Mystery of Mary Trump: “A solid relationship with what we sometimes call an ordinary, devoted mother establishes a foundation on which critical personal and emotional architecture can be built. The capacity to trust. A sense of security versus insecurity. Knowing what’s real andREAD MORE
  • A Number of Major News Outlets Interviewed Dr. Gourguechon for Her Perspective…

    Controversies about psychiatrists and psychoanalysts making comments about public figures have recently been in the news. After the appearance of a misleading article, a number of major news outlets interviewed Dr. Gourguechon for her perspective. She got a crash course in media crisis management. These were interesting and accurate stories: Diagnosing Trump is More AboutREAD MORE
  • OP-Ed: “Is Trump Mentally Fit to Be President? Let’s Consult the Army’s Field Manual”. LA Times, June 18, 2017.

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