10 Things We Keep Getting Wrong About Gun Violence: Especially when it comes to mental health

It can’t be said often enough:  the vast majority of gun violence incidents cannot be linked to mental health diagnoses.  I’m all for more resources for mental health treatment and training but they will do nothing to decrease our epidemic of gun violence.  Only decreasing access to guns will.  Pleased to be quoted in a great article by Huffington Post’s Lindsay Holmes.  Read it here.

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    I agree, and I think the type of guns available is the big difference between the US and the rest of us. Assault weapons are not available to the general public, and hand guns are almost impossible to get. And it”s not mental health either. NZ, despite all the good things, has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. It”s higher than the US. Lots of countries have higher suicide rates than the US. Therefore, the US must actually have better mental health overall. Mental Health is just an excuse. Most people with mental health issues are not a danger to other people. There is a tiny segment of people in every country who are likely to want to engage in mass killings. In the US, they can usually get hold of a gun to do that. In other countries, they often can”t and go on the rampage with a knife or something. So the kill rate is slower, the death rate is lower because of the type of injuries, and they”re stopped before they”ve done as much damage.

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