New Video from Correct the Record-Dr. Gourguechon on Trump and the Truth

New "Trump Project" Video Analyzes Trump's Lying
Political SuperPac Correct The Record released a video on October 19, 2016 featuring Dr. Gourguechon's views on Donald Trump's relationship to the truth. Accusations of lying have been a major part of the 2016 presidential race on both sides of the campaign. This video is part of the Trump Project, which Correct the Record describes as "a video testimonial series featuring people’s stories about being taken advantage of, offended by, or otherwise hurt by Donald Trump." From an October 19 press release from Correct the Record: "The newly released video is the analysis of Trump’s fabrication of the truth by psychoanalyst Dr. Prudy Gourguechon. Brad Woodhouse, President of Correct The Record, said, “This analysis highlights what we’ve been saying this entire general election: Donald Trump is a liar. His lies range from insignificant things to major world events to conspiracy theories. This type of behavior is dangerous. It is deceiving to the American people, and a man with these tendencies is not fit to lead our great nation.” The video is the observation of several instances where Trump created what Dr. Gourguechon calls a “good, manipulating message.” According to Dr. Gourguechon, in Trump’s world, “details don’t matter,” and this is one of the examples she uses to explain the ways in which Trump attempts to lure his supporters into his fantasy world. Dr. Gourguechon’s analysis of Trump’s lies gives voters a better understanding of the manipulative behavior of the presidential nominee and the ways in which it is dangerous."

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